The Sims – Bustin Out (U)(Mode7) GBA ROM

The Sims – Bustin Out (U)(Mode7) GBA ROM Create and customize the appearance and personality of your Sim, then move into SimValley, the offbeat setting of the game the sims bustin out rom gamecube. Make your way through the adventure, meeting odd people such as Uncle Hayseed, Olde Salty, and Mad Willy Hurtzya, but don’t forget to take care of your motives, go to the bathroom, and grab something to eat.

The Sims - Bustin Out (U)(Mode7) GBA ROM

Advance in five huge missions, starting at the Hayseed Farm and ending in the palatial SimValley mansion. New RPG elements let players shop, keep an inventory, and have actual conversations with the residents of the town.With 8 different jobs, the player can move up the ladder to make tons os Simoleons and buy things, and can even important sims from th Gamecube version of the game.

The Sims – Bustin Out (U)(Mode7) GBA ROM



Updated: January 15, 2021 — 12:40 am