Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2021

Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2021 Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games after its launch. The initial hype wave came to an end, but it still boasts a considerable number of active players and broke records in the summer of 2016

Pokémon Go was first released with great success. People could play their favorite game anywhere they wanted, making them feel like superheroes combating monsters around town or out on adventures!

Pokemon Go Promo Codes

Niantic has been hard at work to keep up the quality content. There’s still a lot of discovering in store for Trainers across all generations, and they even collaborated with real-life brands! In those cases where new items get added as rewards from participating or through proofing codes gifted during special events, players usually find them on their accounts via either shops stocked by NFTs (Native Ferments), attending physical meetups around town which offer goodies like exclusive glasses percent off when Packs are completed there too – it does depend on what kind of Trainer you want/need, however.


Here are all the working promo codes in Pokémon Go.

Working promo codes in Pokémon Go

  • E9K4SY77F5623 – Redeem for 10 Pokéballs
  • KUAXZBJUTP3B7 – Get a Galaxy A Series Outfit

Expired Pokémon Go promo codes

  • LRQEV2VZ59UDA – Get two Verizon Jackets, and a Verizon Mask
  • GXSD5CJ556NHG – Get North Face x Gucci Avatar Items
  • DJTLEKBK2G5EK – Receive 20 Ultra Balls, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Stickers, a Star Piece
  • TRFJVYZVVV8R4 – Receive 30 Ultra Balls, 10 Max Revive, and a Lucky Egg

How can you redeem codes in Pokémon Go?

If you’re on an Android device, you can redeem promo codes by going through the following steps.

  • Launch Pokémon Go.
  • Click on the Pokeball button at the bottom.
  • Select the Shop icon in the middle and scroll down to the bottom.
  • As you reach the bottom of the patch, you’ll see the “Promos” section.
  • Click on Redeem after entering the code, and the rewards should instantly be delivered to your account.

promo codes for pokemon Go


Niantic often gives away Pokémon Go promo codes to commemorate special events in the game. These could be free Poké balls, free potions, or anything really.


There are two different methods of redeeming your Pokémon Go promo codes. The first is signing in to Niantic’s website, and the second in the app itself if you’re an Android user. To redeem your code on Android, you need to tap the Poké ball icon, tap shop, and then scroll down until you see the option to whack in a code. Enter your code and enjoy your reward!


Updated: November 9, 2021 — 10:54 pm