Boruto Filler List and Chronological Order 2021

Boruto Filler List and Chronological Order 2021 Naruto’s next generation is continuing the legacy of Naruto as it was published in 2016, written by Ukyo Kodachi with illustrations done by Mikio Ikemoto; an anime adaptation started in 2017, which will air on TV Tokyo. For this reason, the anime contains many episodes with the term “Anime Canon” since due to the scarce material of the manga, Light Novels and extra volumes of the prequel manga had to be adapted.

So the Boruto anime episodes are divided into canon, filler, and canon anime episodes.get also here boruto naruto next generations filler list

Boruto Filler List

Currently, the anime is on air with a total of 217 episodes, and this represents an average of 15 per week. Of these numbers, 34 were filler material or “unknowns” which could not contribute to any story arc, and it should be noted if we focused only based on adapted manga; 60 out 216 would make up canon content since there are more unresolved plot points left without a resolution from Part 1 when compared to Manga chapters/volumes 7 – 24. However, as has been pointed out by many sources such as Wikipedia


In this list of episodes, you will be able to know the order to see Boruto or rather the chronology of this anime, this based on the extra material it contains, either ova, movies or specials that will be located in chronological order, likewise the list is divided by seasons, sagas or arcs and each filler episode is marked, this so you can watch Boruto without filler. Finally, in this ultimate guide, I will mention in which chapter of the manga the anime ends or rather in which chapter of the manga the Boruto anime continues,

These episodes are not adapted from the manga, so it does not follow the original story, we skip these episodes.
These episodes are not adapted from the manga (some were adapted from light novels), but they explain things that the manga could not, complementing the story, I recommend watching them.
These episodes are adapted to 100% of the manga that follows the story, we see it all.

Boruto filler list

Academy Entrance Arc (01-16)


The opening that covers is Baton Road (1-18), and its ending is Dreamy Journey (1-13) and Sayonara Moon Town (14-18). ~ Adapted from Novel 1: The New Leaves Soaring Through the Blue Sky! (Ep. 1-6), Novel 2: A Call from the Shadows! (Ep. 7-12) and Novel 3: Those Who Illuminate the Night of Shinobi! (Ep. 13-15).

  • 01. “Boruto Uzumaki!” * Anime Canon
  • 02. “The Hokage’s Son!” Anime Canon
  • 03. “Metal Lee Goes Wild!” Anime Canon
  • 04. “A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!” Anime Canon
  • 05. “The Mysterious Transfer Student!” Anime Canon
  • 06. “The Final Lesson!” Anime Canon
  • 07. “Love and Potato Chips!” Anime Canon
  • 08. “The Dream’s Revelation”  Anime Canon
  • 09. “Proof of Oneself”  * Anime Canon 
  • 10. “The Ghost Incident: The Investigation Begins!” Anime Canon
  • 11. “The Shadow of The Mastermind” Anime Canon
  • 12. “Boruto and Mitsuki” Anime Canon
  • 13. “The Demon Beast Appears!” Anime Canon
  • 14. “The Path That Boruto Can See”  Anime Canon
  • 15. “A New Path”  Anime Canon
  • 16. “Crisis: The Threat of Failing!”  * Filler

Sarada Uchiha Arc (17-24)

boruto naruto next generations filler list

The opening covers Baton Road (19-24), and its ending is Sayonara Moon Town (19-24)~ Adapted from the manga Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

  • 17. “Run, Sarada!”  *Filler
  • 18. “A Day in the Life of the Uzumaki Family.”
  • 19. “Sarada Uchiha.”
  • 20. “The Boy With The Sharingan.” 
  • 21. “Sasuke and Sarada.”
  • 22. “Connected Feelings.” 
  • 23. “Bonds Come in All Shapes.”
  • 24. “Boruto and Sarada.”



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