Where to Buy Wholesale Paint Supplies in the USA?

According to Statista, the global market value of paint supplies is expected to be valued at some $179 billion by 2025. This value certainly shows the potential and profitability of this business.

If you are also considering starting a wholesale paint business, your first concern must be finding reliable suppliers.

Well, that is why we have crafted a list of top wholesale paint suppliers in the US. So, without further ado, let’s check the list below:

Where to Buy Wholesale Paint Supplies in the USA

  1. Get Paint Supplies

Get Paint Supplies is one of the most reliable wholesale suppliers for paint and accessories. This company was founded in 2001 by the Home Décor Group, LLC. they offer a huge collection of paint supplies including paint brushes, rollers, trays, liners, tape, drop cloths, rags, sandpaper, and more by trusted brands including Purdy, Wooster, Elder & Jenks, Norton, 3M, Corona, Allpro, Encore, Trimaco, DAP, Titan and Modern Masters.


  1. Integrity Supply Inc.

Integrity Supply Inc. was founded in 2000 to become a prominent wholesale and retail distributor in the US. They provide the highest quality paint, safety, and construction-related supplies from leading manufacturers in the country. Integrity Supply Inc. offers a wide range of products, including paints, abrasives, sprays, tapes, adhesives, stains and finishes, trays, liners, brushes, rollers, safety tools, and more.


  1. Mazer Wholesale

Mazer Wholesale has been serving its customers with high-quality products for over 35 years. They provide wholesale products from dozens of top manufacturers and importers. Mazer Wholesale serves businesses and organizations, providing them with huge discounts. The best thing about this wholesale paint supplier is that they provide excellent customer service to their clients.


  1. Contractors Wholesale Supplies

Contractors Wholesale Supplies is one of the most popular online wholesale platforms for paint supplies. They offer a huge variety of paint and construction-related supplies to their customers. They offer products from many top brands, including ASR, Armaly Brands, Bull Dog, Aexcel, Crawfords, Bona, Cabot, Chomp, Bondex, CFI, and Concrobium. The best thing about this supplier is that they offer free shipping for orders over $995.


  1. Bargain Wholesale

Bargain Wholesale is another famous online wholesale platform to purchase paint supplies in bulk. They have been serving their customers for over thirty years. Their distribution centres are located in Los Angeles and Houston. Bargain Wholesale is popular for providing a huge collection of products at the lowest rates and great customer service. They work with Dollar Stores, Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Convenience Stores, Distributors, and Non-Profit Organizations.


  1. Paint Supply

Paint Supply is one of the most reliable suppliers for wholesale paint supplies in the US. They have thousands of paint-related products ready to ship. This company has a long-term relationship with the leading brands from top manufacturers. their superior customer service and professional prices set them apart from their competitors.

Their wide range of high-quality products includes paints, adhesives, applicators, foam and sealants, architectural coatings, plastic sheeting, patch, repair, filler and compounds, safety tools, solvents, removers, and cleaners, sprays, exterior wood stains, preservatives, finishes, and hardware supplies.


  1. The Paint Store

Last but not least, The Paint Store is one of the leading wholesale suppliers for paint-related accessories. They ensure that their customers have access to top-quality products at the best prices. Besides awesome prices and products’ quality, they also provide excellent customer service to their loyal clients.

Their huge collection of products include paint, paintbrushes, paint rollers, painting tools, paint buckets, paint roller trays, painter clothes, caulking guns, caulk, spackle, patching, drywall tools, putty knives, airless paint sprayers and parts, razor knives, paint scrapers, masking tape, painting tape, masking paper, sandpaper, sanding sponges, drop cloths, painting rags, faux finishing supplies, safety products, and ladders.


Bottom Line

Starting a wholesale paint supplies business is not difficult if you know where to get your stock. However, finding a reliable wholesale supplier can be a challenging task. We hope that the list mentioned above will help you in this regard. Use this to choose a perfect wholesale paint supplier for your business.

Updated: September 15, 2021 — 6:23 am