Shadow of the Colossus (USA) PS2 ISO

Shadow of the Colossus (USA) PS2 ISO Travel across a breathtaking landscape on your trusty steed and take down 16 giants in order to save the fallen Mono.

Shadow of the Colossus (USA) PS2 ISO

Greatest game ever, IMO. Intense battles, I mean, who doesn’t love boss fights, and a HUGE world. Great game for someone that loves a challenge, and me and my father played this when I was a kid, good times.

Shadow of the colossus ps2 iso highly compressed

shadow of the colossus ps2 iso highly compressed

Love stunning landscapes? Love fighting the bosses a game to save the love of your life? Hate fighting all those pesky, annoying little minions that seem to be a complete waste of time and effort? Look no further, my friends. In Shadow of the Colossus, you get straight to the point. In order to revive your lost love, you must hunt down and kill the 16 colossi that have shackled the god who will return her to the world. With an ancient sword and your trusty bow, embark on the most amazing, visually stunning masterpiece to ever grace the Playstation 2, and prove that even the mightiest of titans can still fall.

Shadow of the Colossus is a breath taking experience that takes you on a journey where you face epic giants called: Colossus. The game shadow of the colossus ps2 iso highly compressed keeps the player engaged from the start with its beautiful music, minimalist scenery to melancholic story about love. The game gives a hands off experience to the player providing the real satisfaction to achieving the victory when you slay your first Colossus. The gameplay itself is varied where each colossus forces you to take different routes and technique in order to defeat them. The story follows a young man,accompanied by his horse who travel across the forbidden land of the colossus to save th

The spiritual successor to ICO, SotC is an work of art that tells the tale of a man called The Wander trying to resurrect his dead love though the powers of an abandoned God whose powers are chained by the exitince of the 16 colossi who are spread across The Forbidden Land thus beginning the adventure.
The Wander is only armed with an ancient sword, bow and arrow and his only companion on this quest is his trusty horse.
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Shadow of the Colossus (USA) PS2 ISO DOWNLOAD



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