Pokemon – Crystal Version (USA, Europe) GBC ROM

Pokemon – Crystal Version (USA, Europe) GBC ROM pokemon crystal rom is a fantastic RPG for all ages as you embark as a trainer with dreams of becoming the best trainer in the world. This game pokemon crystal rom is a classic and always will be!

Pokemon - Crystal Version (USA, Europe) GBC ROM

Pokémon crystal rom is the polished version of the second installment in the Pokemon series. Being a more complete version of Gold/Silver, it shares a lot of similarities, and is essentially the same game. However, Crystal has an extended story, and some events that were not present in Gold/Silver.
You still play the role of a character from New Bark Town, but this time you’re given the option to choose your gender. You set out on your journey the same way, but the story now has a bit more emphasis on the 3 legendary beasts of Johto (specifically Suicune). As usual, the wild Pokemon have changed a bit, and so has the list of ones available. Some Pokemon can even learn different moves than they could in Gold/Silver.
If you’re content with Gold/Silver, this game isn’t really necessary, but if you haven’t gotten either of the Johto region games, this one is recommended.

Travel back to the world of Johto as the Gold & Silver series continues with brand-new features! Whether you’re reading the fresh descriptions in your Pokékdex, using the unique sort function to organize your Pokémon in new ways, watching the all-new battle animations, or discovering another way to capture Suicune, you’ll need all of your Poké-skills to master Pokémon Crystal on your Game Boy Color!

Pokemon – Crystal Version (USA, Europe) GBC ROM



Updated: January 29, 2020 — 4:35 am