Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (World) Sega Genesis ROM

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (World) Sega Genesis ROM A side-scrolling action game starring the king of pop Michael Jackson, released in 1990 for Sega Genesis and Master System. Moonwalker features Michael saving children, turning into a robot, his pet monkey Bubbles, and magical dance fighting. Later released in arcades on the Mega-Tech hardware.

Michael Jackson Moonwalker

The Moonwalker arcade, PC and console games were based on the film of the same name, and released in 1989-1990.
The games star and were co-developed by Michael Jackson himself, dressed in signature white suit and hat. In this, the Genesis version, players must traverse a series of sidescrolling platform/action levels, defeating a variety of enemies using various fluidly-animated dance moves such as kicks, spins and throwing Michael Jackson’s hat as a boomerang. Moves are executed using an intuitive button-combo system. Several pointless “easter egg” moves such as sliding down banisters are also available. Each world of the game is themed around one of Jackson’s music videos and set to a lyricless, electronic version of one of his hit songs.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (World) Sega Genesis ROM



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