Kirby 64 – The Crystal Shards (USA) N64 ROM

Kirby 64 – The Crystal Shards (USA) N64 ROM The Crystal Shards marked Kirby’s first and last platforming appearance for the Nintendo 64. The game kirby 64 rom was notable because it let Kirby swallow two enemies and combine their powers for crazy results.

Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards (USA) N64 ROM

Kirby 64 the crystal shards rom

Once again the universe is in danger and once again it’s up to a pink little puffball to save everyone. This kirby 64 the crystal shards rom title is just as bright and cheery as his other adventures, except that unlike most of his adventures, this one is portrayed in full 3D graphics. With plenty of challenging levels, unique gameplay, and a constant barrage of cuteness, this title is definately worth anyone’s attention, no matter what their level of maturity may be.

The graphics in this game may be a little childish, but it looks so clear and sharp that you just have to love them. The gameplay itself is simply AMAZING with the 7 combineable copy abilities.

This game kirby 64 rom is one I found through blockbuster game rentals and the minute I played it I felt the need to buy it ASAP! The idea is entirely original and on the level of Kirby Superstar (snes). The main element that pulls you in would definitely be the mix n’ match system, not only could you stack electricity with electricity and pretend your magneto but you could easily mix it with the rock power instead and bam! you got your own magnetic pull hurling a rock everywhere killing whatever it hits!! or become a fridge (electricity + ice) and binge on yourself. Play this and see what you missed out on for turning down this amazing game’s plush design.

Kirby 64 rom that works

kirby n64 rom is in a new game and this time around he’s helping his new friend piece together the crystal shards and save her home town. This game is packed with fun elemental levels. You’ll travel through pop star, a desert level, a water level, a mountain level, and others. In this game, you’ll be able to mix two different abilities with each other. I found this part of the game to be very fun as I found a couple of mixed abilities that I liked the most. The fun doesn’t stop there as this game kirby and the crystal shards rom also has 3 multiplayer mini games, a sound test, boss battles and a replay theatre. This is one of my favorite and unique Kirby games out there and I recommend you should try it out.

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Updated: April 21, 2020 — 8:49 am