Kingdom Hearts – 358-2 Days (US)(M2)(XenoPhobia) DS NDS ROM

Kingdom Hearts – 358-2 Days (US)(M2)(XenoPhobia) DS NDS ROM Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days is a Nintendo DS title revolving around Roxas’s birth and his life as an Organization XIII member.

Kingdom Hearts - 358-2 Days (US)(M2)(XenoPhobia) DS NDS ROM

358/2 Days takes place between Kingdom Hearts I and II and tells the story of the nobody Roxas. Featuring simailar gameplay to Kingdom Hearts II, 358 features a mission system where you take on various missions and work with other members of Organization XIII. A fun game, kingdom hearts 3582 days ds rom but can be a bit repetitive.

Another collaboration work from Square Enix and Disney in kingdom hearts nds rom. This one is from the point of Roxas(Sora’s Nobody) between the end of Kingdom Hearts I and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. For me this gives me a newer look upon Roxas when I play Kingdom Hearts II instead of this random person that is somehow linked to Sora you find out who Roxas is andwhat he’s like before you see him go. This game kingdom hearts nds rom is good but it can get really confusing and repetitive. This is just my opinion but if Square Enix came out with this before the second Kingdom Hearts it would be so much clearer. Also new character Xion(Zoin/Shion?) Its not a spoiler you meet “it” anyway.

Kingdom Hearts – 358-2 Days (US)(M2)(XenoPhobia) DS NDS ROM

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