Final Fantasy IV Advance (U)(Independent) GBA ROM

Final Fantasy IV Advance (U)(Independent) GBA ROM Final Fantasy IV is a critically acclaimed RPG in the Final Fantasy series and one of the first of its kind to tell a heavily character-driven story. It also created the Active Time Battle system.

Fourth game of nintendo’s final fantasy series. Not as memorable as other final fantasy series, but this one is good enough to be called final fantasy. All the final fantasy elements are there.
Many many characters to choose from and each characters got a unique weapon that each of them can wield (not that it is accesible early on, but still noticable).
Game play sticks to turn based battle and graphic is okay for GBA quality. Nothing flashy.
But it is fun and is worth your time to play. Give it a try and you will like it

One of the best Final Fantasies ever made, and will probably be known as one of the classics.
The storyline was excellent, in comparison to many RPG’s. Cecil, the dark knight begins to question the dark acts in which he is forced to do by his king, and is therefore stripped of his position as captain of the red wings and must prove his loyalty once more to retain it. Cecil, along with a cast of other wonderful, memorable characters, go on an epic quest to protect the crystals from the evil Golbez, and another evil that is darker still.

Final Fantasy IV Advance (U)(Independent) GBA ROM

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