Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) SNES ROM

Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) SNES ROM Earthworm Jim 2 is the wacky sequel to the unique Earthworm Jim, which was identified for it’s wacky graphical type and gameplay.

Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) SNES ROM

Earthworm Jim 2 is the sequel to Earthworm Jim, launched in 1995 on the Sega Genesis, the SNES and on the MS-DOS.

The gameplay is generally the identical side-scrolling “run and gun” platformer type, with just a few additions like missions and aims for each stage. There are 11 ranges within the unique releases.

The story follows Jim and his new sidekick Snott as they attempt to save Princess What’s-Her-Identify from a compelled marriage with Psy-Crow. On their ‘journey’ they discover plenty of villains from the primary recreation too.

Like the unique, this recreation was extremely praised and nicely acquired too (besides the GBA model, which had actually dangerous visuals and sounds).

Earthworm Jim 2 (USA) SNES ROM



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