Devil May Cry (USA) PS2 ISO

Devil May Cry (USA) PS2 ISO Play as Dante, son of the legendary dark knight Sparda, as he takes on the emperor of the demon world, Mundus devil may cry ps2 iso highly compressed With help from the lovely Trish, the Force Edge and his guns, Ebony and Ivory in emuparadise.

Devil May Cry (USA) PS2 ISO

Devil May Cry ps2 originally started out as a Resident Evil game, and it shows- there’s quite a number of fetch quests, and Dante, the Cambion (half-demon, half-human) main character of the game, even resembles Leon to a good degree.
Not the greatest of starts for a series, but it gave us DMC3 and DMC4, so take that as you will.

Cut a bloody swath through the denizens of the underworld as Dante, son of Legendary demon Sparda and demon-hunter extraordinaire! Dante comes armed with the sword Rebellion and his twin pistols Ebony and Ivory. There are more weapons to be found, however. Finally, Dante can draw on his demonic blood to unleash Devil Trigger, increasing his already prodigious power! He might just need it, as the forces of Hell are no joke…

You play as Dante, a half angel, half demon spawn who hunts demons for a living. Armed with his sword, and his guns, Ebony and Ivory, he goes out into the world, teaching demons that Devil May Cry!!

Devil May Cry (USA) PS2 ISO



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