Best Pink Gaming Headsets For Girls Gamers

Best Pink Gaming Headsets For Girls Gamers  There are a lot of reasons to invest in a high-quality gaming headset. In online games, you must be able to listen to and communicate with your games teammates. Alternatively, you are a streamer who wishes to maintain good contact with your audience. You enjoy games with High Beat music lol and want to hear it in the best possible quality while you playing any games you can also check other collections here Like Best Cat Ear Headphones,

Best Pink Gaming Headsets in 2021

If you want the best pink gaming headset overall look no further than our latest pick. The Razer Kraken Quartz Pink bundle includes a beautiful headset stand, stunning looks, excellent sound quality, and long-lasting comfort so if you want really you can check here Pink Headphones.

Aesthetically, Razer’s quartz pink colour is stunning, and the stand included in this bundle is also quartz pink. Apart from that, if you own any other pink Razer gear, this will complement it perfectly. This bundle is ideal if you want to make the most of your all-pink rig.

Regrettably, the Kraken lacks RGB lighting, but there are RGB LEDs on the underside of the stand. With additional Razer hardware, you can sync the lighting on the stand to the rest of your rig. Again, if aesthetics are important to you, this headset and stand combination is well worth the price.

The Kraken also best performs admirably in terms of audio quality. You’ll get a rich sound out of the box, and you can enable 7.1 positional audio with additional software. The sound quality is excellent, even at high volumes, and the bass is robust. If you’re a shooter or action game fan, you’ll appreciate the way those shots thump in your ears.

Apart from that, the Kraken’s microphone is excellent. You can enable noise cancellation on the mic via Razer’s software, and it works flawlessly. We recorded some audio of ourselves speaking and typing on a mechanical keyboard during testing, and the clicks in the background were barely audible.

Additionally, this Gaming Headphones mic has an extremely convenient feature: it retracts into the headset when not in use. If you frequently switch between online games that require a microphone and offline games that do not, you will appreciate this feature. In terms of microphones, the Kraken should definitely meet your needs if you’re looking for a headset for gaming and streaming.

The Kraken also excels in terms of comfort. These oval earcups are quite large and sit comfortably on your ears, while the top cushion is quite thick for maximum comfort. Additionally, the cushions feature cooling gel-infused memory foam, which prevents the headset from overheating and sweating inside the cups. If you regularly engage in marathon gaming sessions or stream for extended periods of time, you’ll appreciate the Kraken’s long-lasting comfort.

Additionally, this headset includes a concealed glasses cutout in the cushions. If you wear glasses, the Kraken will not smush them into the side of your face – this is an incredible addition for anyone who must wear glasses while gaming.

On the other hand, there are a few noteworthy points. The cord includes an inline volume and microphone mute control, both of which are extremely sensitive. If you move around frequently and your headset cord rubs against something, you will notice the volume fluctuating as well. You might prefer to leave the Kraken’s volume fully turned up and control the in-app volume via your computer.

The stand is the final point to discuss. It includes three USB ports for connecting peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard, but the cord is extremely short. You will be unable to use the additional USB ports if the stand is not plugged in. Depending on how your rig is configured, you may have difficulty positioning the stand precisely Gaming Chairs.

Fortunately, the base can be removed from the stand, allowing you to keep your headset close while using the base elsewhere.

In general, the Razer Kraken Quartz Pink bundle is an incredible value. The headset boasts superior audio quality, stunning aesthetics, long-lasting comfort, and a convenient stand with RGB lighting and three USB ports for quick connectivity. What’s the best part? It is less expensive than comparable performance headsets without a stand.

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